a place that marked us forever...



The origin of everything

We all have a place that marks us in some trip. You usually have several places written down and you dream of some city, some monument, but in the end you are marked by the most unknown place and the one you had never heard of.

In 2014 we made the best trip of our life. For the destination, for how everything happened and for the reason. In one of the stages we went deep into the depths of Arizona. After seeing the spectacular Meteor Crater, we arrived at a place that marked us forever: Flagstaff....

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There is not one thing in particular that we can name to explain what it was that made us fall in love with Flagstaff. That typical city of the American West, that street with its stores and bars with lights and screens, those typographies on the walls of the buildings, the atmosphere of a Friday night, the nature, the pleasant and respectful urbanism with the environment, a deer eating quietly in the morning in the garden of a house, those giant trains that run through the American West...

When we thought of a name for this new adventure with travel at its core, we didn't hesitate for a second: it had to be called Flagstaff.

Destinations and adventures

We are talking about sustainable travel, which aims to minimize the impact on both the environment and the local culture, while at the same time helping to promote responsible consumption and generate employment for the local population.

Any trip, whether it is a weekend getaway or a long vacation, whether for relaxation, culture, disconnection or any other purpose, can be sustainable and respect the destination and its inhabitants.

How does it work?

  • Buy your Flagstaff T-shirt
  • Save your purchase coupon
  • Participate in a drawing to win a trip per year for 10 years.
  • If it's your turn, choose your destination
  • Plan your trip
  • Pack your suitcase
  • Enjoy the trip, the experience and the world.

Travel tips

  • Sustainable accommodations
  • Choose your means of transportation carefully
  • Enjoy and experience the local culture

  • Respect for local culture and customs
  • Do not print anything that is not essential


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